About Us

About Us

Future Generations promotes community-led development in partnership with government as a proven, alternative path to improving people’s lives and places. The core of Future Generations work is a system that communities and governments can use to shape their futures. This system can create large nature preserves, rapid social change, extend health services, or help countries rebound from conflict. Future Generations China has been committed to environmental protection in China since our founder helped establish a protected area around Mt. Everest in 1989. Much of our work involving communities that border national nature preserves is endorsed by Chinese president, Hu Jintao.

March 18, 1989- Mr. Hu Jintao, the former Party Secretary of TAR and current Chinese president is briefed by the first director of Future Generations China, Su Chun-Wuei, on the Qomolangma National Nature Preserve, which was originally proposed and launched by Future Generations founder, Dr. Daniel Taylor. The idea for the national government and local people to co-manage the QNNP was strongly supported by Mr.Hu Jintao. Our projects initially focused on community-based conservation, community development, and protected area management in Tibet. Over the years the breadth of our programs has grown and in 2007 Future Generations China was officially registered as an NGO in Hong Kong. In 2010, the organization was officially registered in Beijing.

Our programs not only address conservation in Tibet, but now include environmental education through the Green Long March and sustainable development projects in rural China through the Model Eco-Community Project.

Encompasses three programs: the Pendeba Society,  the Qomolangma National Nature Preserve and the Four Great Rivers. These programs focus on community-based conservation in protected areas and provide training to local leaders in sustainable income generation, environmental protection, healthcare and education.

Bringing expertise and support to rural communities throughout China focusing on those within sensitive ecologies and designated nature preserves helping them to develop social and economic capacity while safeguarding the environment.


Mentoring youth across China as they seek environmental solutions on campuses and in communities using their voices with our platform to demonstrate their environmental philosophy.