Wolong Livelihoods Development

Wolong Livelihoods Development

The goal of this program is a win-win scenario where the livelihoods of local residents are continually improved through responsible maintenance of regional biodiversity and ecosystem services. By changing economic patterns through the introduction of new resources and expert guidance, FutureGenerations China and GreenSOS seek a secure future for the Wolong Nature Preserve. The 2010 National Treasures route with cooperation from GreenSOS seeks to develop local communities (the name is Xicao Village) in the southeast part of Wolong Nature Reserve of Sichuan Province in the hopes of protecting regional biodiversity and expanding sustainable economic development. Volunteers ran collaborative training sessions with local leaders, conducted biodiversity surveys and implemented educational campaigns among community members. They established a community run chicken farm cooperative as a way to help local families increase their household income and explored cultivation of valuable local herbs. Members of the community were shown the connection between a healthy environment and a healthy community in the hopes that future economic development can move forward in a sustainable way. Under the sponsorship of PBFN, the biodiversity conservation and sustainable development program in Xicao Village was initiated in July by Future Generations China. The program aims to protect the biodiversity of the region and improve the local living standard.

Xicao Village Mutual Fund for Poverty Alleviation After conducting a thorough investigation and carrying out educational activities on environmental protection issues in the community, members of the program proposed that a Xicao Village Mutual Fund for Poverty Alleviation be founded. The fund, provided by Future Generations China and cofounded by SERC, GreenSOS and Sanjiang Conservation Station of Wolong National Nature Reserve Administration, will offer small-amount financial aid to the local chicken farming industry. A management committee formed by Sanjiang Conservation Station, a village committee and village representatives will take care of the delivery, administration and returns from the fund. Every household that participates in the fund receives a grant of 8000 yuan that serves to cover the cost of henhouses and feed. With help from the fund, two households can expand their farming scale by more than 200 chickens within six months.

Program Area The Wolong Nature Reserve is situated in the western part of Sichuan Province, about 130 kilometers from Chengdu. It is the oldest comprehensive nature reserve for giant pandas and high mountain forests. Reputed as the home of the giant panda and a bio-gene bank, the Wolong Nature Reserve not only is home to one tenth of China’s panda population, but also supports 245 species of rare and endangered plants, more than 50 species of mammals, 300 species of birds and other insects. Located in the southeast part of Wolong Nature Reserve, Xicao Village is the gateway to the heartland of the reserve area. The economy of the village is based mainly on the forest and herbs that grow in the mountains and therefore the biodiversity of the area is affected to a large degree by the villagers’ activities of gathering firewood and herbs.


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  • Sanjiang Conservation Station of Wolong National Nature Reserve Administration
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