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Future Generations China is committed to environmental through community-based conservation, community development, and protected area management.

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Our History

Future Generations China was founded in 1989 when it created the Qomolangma National Nature Preserve (QNNP) in the Tibetan Himalayas around Mt. Everest, a total size of 36,000 square kilometers. This protected nature area is home to the world’s tallest mountains and immense biodiversity.

Initially focused on conservation projects in Tibet, our programs have since grown to extend the conservation focus to include community-based conservation, community development, and protected area management all over China.

In 2007, Future Generations China became an officially registered NGO in Hong Kong, then gaining officially recognition in Beijing in 2010.

Our programs also include environmental education through initiatives such as the Green Long March and sustainable development projects in rural China.

The Source of Life:
Shangzhuang Watershed Eco-Restoration Project


Conservation and environmental stewardship have long been the focus of our organization. Learn more about our projects, from the creation of Qomolangma National Nature Preserve to the Source of Life: Shangzhuang Watershed Eco-Restoration Project.

The Green Long March

Launched in 2007 as a joint venture between Future Generations China and Beijing Forestry University, the Green Long March is a youth movement that is building a more sustainable future for China by promoting sustainable development through its vast network of universities and students.

Youth Programs

One of our core objectives is to mentor university students across China as they seek environmental solutions on campuses and in communities. Check out some of the exciting initiatives we’ve taken towards this goal!

Pendeba Society

This innovative project gained international recognition when it won the United Nations Development Programme’s Equator Prize in 2014. Through participatory nature conservation and guidance from the pendebas, the people inhabiting QNNP achieved major conservation success while also improving the life and healthcare of their communities.


See how we bring sustainable development to rural communities throughout China—especially those situated in and around sensitive ecologies and designated nature preserves.

Future Generations University

Visit us at www.future.edu to see where an education from Future Generations University can take you on your journey as a community change agent!

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