China Forum for Nature

China Forum for Nature

To recognize and expand upon China’s progress in forestation, the China Forum for Nature has chosen “Biodiversity and Forests” as the theme for its inaugural conference.  Biodiversity is inextricably linked to forests, an environmental issue that has received much national and international attention.  The United Nations declared 2011 the “International Year of Forests” and the Convention on Biodiversity selected “Forest and Biodiversity” as the theme for the 2011 International Day of Biodiversity. The 2011 China Forum for Nature explored China’s success in forestation and biodiversity preservation as well as consider new environmental preservation initiatives, examined the current state of China’s nature reserves and proposed plans for the future of forestation in China.  The China Forum for Nature is proudly organized by Beijing Forestry University, China Wildlife Conservation Association and Future Generations China.

Date: May 22 to 23, 2011 (May 22 coincides with the International Day of Biodiversity)

Location: Beijing Forestry University and Beijing Xijiao Hotel


Central Topics
  •   Nature Conservation legislation
  •   Eco-compensation in nature reserves

Key Issues

  • National forest restoration programs and biodiversity protection
  • Wise use of biodiversity and community development around nature reserves
  • Protected area network development (model nature reserves, EAAP Flyway Site Network, network of protected areas for the Great Bustard bird, and network of protected areas for feline species)
  • Public participation in environmental protection (including Bird Appreciation Week, volunteer programs, and enhanced participation from NGOs and private companies)

Attending the Forum

To attend the China Forum for Nature, please respond with the attendance form through one of the following methods:

SMS: 13911380285


Fax: 010-62336724


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