What Resource Does Every Community
Have in Common?
The Energies of People
1: 2: 3:
Help communities
take ownership of
their futures by
building upon
existing successes
Engage government
as a partner, providing
top-down support
(policy, financing
and extension).
Stimulate innovation
and strengthen quality
through outside-in
training and mentoring.
Forward Momentum. Repeat this cycle. Partners improve
their work and expand successes to more communities.
Across Tibet, China
More than 1,000
village volunteers
link conservation
with health and
To build on successes in rural China
Model Eco-
spread environmental best practices
China’s largest youth conservation awareness movement
The Green Long
March identifies
and expands
Why are youth joining the Green Long March?
“ To see
diversity ”
“ To call on
others to
protect our
environment ”
To collaborate on environmental
policy solutions
Leaders, practitioners,
and scholars meet at the
China Forum for Nature