Gen Fellowship

Gen Fellowship

The Gen Fellowship is a grassroots youth-driven community development program by Future Generations China. The purpose of this program is to give young leaders from across China the opportunity to develop and manage high impact community development and conservation projects of their own design with a 20,000RMB project budget. These projects will help fulfill the Future Generations mission of teaching and enabling equitable community change that integrates environmental conservation with development. The goal of this program is to create two products, the first is tangible and measureable community change, and the second is to expand the capacity of the student leaders managing their programs. Future Generations staff will support and train Gen Fellows on a consistent basis to ensure quality, promote leadership development and establish a youth community focused on grassroots change across China.

Grant winners will work continuously over 7 months with Future Generations staff and experts to:

  • Polish their proposals
  • Sharpen strategies
  • Prepare a detailed project budget
  • Develop a management plan
  • Map a project timeline
  • Implement and manage the project
  • Collect and process data
  • Report and showcase their work to a nationwide audience both through news media and the Gen Expo in Beijing


GEN Fellowship Individual Application Form

GEN Fellowship Group Application Form

The winning projects of the Gen Fellowship

Nature and I, the environmental education exchange project between China and the US

The project director: Tan Lulu

The project abstract:

Nature and I, the environmental education exchange project, aims to bring the environmental education ideas and methods which have developed in the US for years into the schools in the protection zone through establishing partner primary and middle schools for environmental protection in China and the US. In this way, the project will improve the environmental education capacity of the teachers in the protection zone, inspire the students' interest to participate in the environmental education, cultivate the students' environmental education accomplishments and promote the development of the primary and middle school environmental education in the protection zone of China. The project is expected to make use of the environmental education in the protection zone schools, improve the students' sense of pride as well as their awareness of the significance and function of local ecological system and thus enhance the local environmental protection activities. The project is also expected to go deep into the communities and local families through the students and influence the parents through the students. The project wants to improve the environmental awareness and protection actions in the whole community.    >>Read more

Eco Campus

The executing agency: Green Undergraduates Forum

Project Abstract:

A large number of universities and colleges converge in Beijing. They usually enjoy great ecological surroundings and provide habitats for the wildlife. For example, the green land in the west mountain-Yiheyuan Garden-Yuanmingyuan Garden-PKU-THU-BJFU-BLCU aggregate and provide a ecological passage for migration of species in Beijing. The distinctiveness of the project lies in that as the urbanization develops rapidly, the project is based on the city and starts from the campus biodiversity protection. It starts from leading the mass focus on and understand the issue, reflects the reality and problems and finally stimulates the mass to propose their own appeals. This kind of work is very effective. In 2006, Wang Fang, a doctor from PKU together with his colleagues, made proposals for campus planning through their survey. The department concerned paid attention and started to consider the campus ecological protection. This project continues and expands from his action. At the same time, we hope we can spread the activities into the ecological protection of the city and help the communities to make a reasonable plan in the construction and make its environment better.   >>Read more