Guangchun Lei

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Lei received his Ph.D in Population Biology from the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is a specialist in wetland science, ecosystem services, nature reserve management and metapopulation ecology. He has served as Asia-Pacific Senior Advisor for the Ramsar Convention Secretariat, Director of Freshwater & Marine Programs at the WWF China Program Office and Professor of Ecology and Environmental Biology at Peking University. His awards include the China National TV documentary Award (Golden Prize), the WWF International “Global Conservation Innovation Award” and the China National Forestry Science and Technology Prize. In addition to his work with Future Generations, Dr. Lei is the dean of the School of Nature Conservation Management at Beijing Forestry University, the only program of its kind in China.


Daniel Taylor

Board of Directors

Daniel Taylor has been engaged in social change and conservation for four decades. His particular focus is on empowering communities and then scaling up community-based projects to large national level impact. In 1985, he led the creation of the National Park East of Mt. Everest in Nepal. He then created the Everest National Nature Preserve in Tibet. Dr. Taylor is the founder of The Mountain Institute, Future Generations, Future Generations Graduate School, and six other organizations in six countries. 

Dr. Taylor received his masters and doctoral degrees from Harvard University. He was knighted by the King of Nepal, is an Honorary Professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and holds the Order of the Golden Ark from HRH Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands. He is the author of four books and dozens of articles. 


Caroline Hsiao Van

Board of Directors

Caroline Hsiao Van is an independent advisor based in Hong Kong. Prior to her work in the philanthropic sector, she was Managing Director at Bankers Trust Company in Hong Kong and Singapore. She moved from New York to Hong Kong in 1988 as a pioneer for Morgan Stanley in China and served on the Asia Management Committee. Her career in financial services began in the United States with First Chicago, Citibank and Morgan Stanley. She has served as President of the Yale Club and Director of the Alumni Schools Committee in Hong Kong and is a member of the International Advisory Board of the Children's Orchestra Society. Caroline is a founder of China’s Green Long March community-based conservation project. Raised in Minnesota, she holds a BA degree from Yale University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. She is the mother of four children.  


Shung-ho Chang

Board of Directors

Dr. Shungho (Robert) Chang is one of the most admired and respected professionals in the area of rapid diagnostic tests.  He has founded a number of companies and has more than 30 years of experience in the biotechnology industry.

Dr. Chang was a member of the Board of Governors at the International Community Foundation ICFin San Diego, CA.  He is a strong supporter of education and has contributed to hundreds of student scholarships and dozens of school construction projects in China.  In 2010, as a Gold Level Sponsor, Dr. Chang supported hundreds of students in China in their efforts to promote environmental awareness through the Green Long March program.

Zongyi Ding

Board of Directors

Zongyi Ding has been working in the field of pediatrics for 45 years in clinical, research and field research capacities. He is currently the president of the Chinese Child Health Care Committee, honorary president of the Bayi Children's Hospital and a member of the International Expert Group, Codex and CAC.

Dr. Ding graduated from Peking Union Medical College.  He has published 320 papers in the Chinese Journal of Pediatrics and has written 10 books on Pediatrics and Childhood Obesity Control.  Dr. Ding has won 20 national science awards in the past 45 years.  He also worked at UNICEF OCB and was responsible for promoting the GOBI Project and the MCH Model County Project in China.  

Malina Yung

Board of Directors

Ms Yung is the founder and chairman of Society for Asian American Culture,inc. She was awarded Knights of Malta by Italy in 1999. In 2005, she took up the position of permanent director in China Charity Federation and the executive of The Dragon Fund under the Chinese Red Cross Foundation. In 2007, she took the post of the vice president of Dancing Education Major Commission in the Chinese Society Of Education and she was responsible for overseas exchange and major events. She launched many events, including "Chinese Talented Women Trials Around the World". She is the third generation of Rong family. Rong Zongjing, her grandfather, was the among the first generation of Chinese entrepreneurs and her uncle Rong Yiren was the famous "Red Capitalist" and the previous vice president of China. She has been stressing that although she dreamt of doing many things, she can summarize them into two major lines: the first is to do the charity work, and the second is to spread Chinese culture into the world with her years of experience in the culture and fashion industry.

Zhenfang Lin

Board of Directors

Ms. Lin Zhenfang was born into a family of Chinese medical professionals in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. So far, Ms. Lin Zhenfang has founded Dingyao Group. The Dingyao Groups main business is the tea industry. As a comprehensive conglomerate, Dingyao Group has jurisdiction over Beijing Wutongyuan Restaurant Management Company Limited, Beijing Bishui Danshan Tea Company Limited, Beijing Jiala Technology Culture Company Limited, Beijing Dingyao Tea Technology Company Limited, and Fuzhou Chengmen Dingyao Tea Factory. Their business involves tea trading, cultural communication, food processing, health care and preservation, restaurant management and tea art. Presently, Ms. Lin holds the position of the Chairman of the board of China Tea Tickets Trade Center, the Member of the third council of China International Tea Culture Research Association, the Chief Expert of Tea Research Group, Chinese Entrepreneur Health Project, the Vice President of Beijing Fujian Enterprises General Chamber of Commerce, the Director of Chinese Association of Female Entrepreneur Association, the Vice Secretary of Expert Committee on Beijing Olympic Economy Tea Industry and ‘The Top100 female Entrepreneur’ awarded  by China Entrepreneur Association. At present, Ms. Lin Zhenfang serves as the Director the Council of Future Generations China Board.