2010 Green Long March Ambassadors

Green Long March Ambassadors use their celebrity to promote the message of the March. They inspire students with encourangement and dedication to environmental causes in China. Future Generations China is proud to have the support of these many talented individuals who have achieved great success in their respective fields.

Xiao Qin

Born January 12, 1985 and known as "Horse Spirit," Xiao Qin started to learn gymnastics at the age of 5 near Zhongshan Road in Nanjing. At 10 years old he joined the Bayi team and in 1999 joined the national at age 14 where he developed into a star on pommel horse and bar events. His technique is characterized by a high center of gravity, high rotation speed, versatility, and good overall aesthetic qualities. He has very efficient movements and is especially fluid on the pommel horse.
2007 - 40th Gymnastics World Championships - Germany
             Men's Gymnastics Team - Gold Medal
             Men's Pommel Horse - Gold Medal
2008 - 29th Olympic Games - Beijing, China
             Men's Gymnastics Team - Gold Medal
             Men's Pommel Horse - Gold Medal (August 17, 2008)

Song Jia

Song Jia is one of the brightest female stars of the 80's and 90's. She starred in many classic Chinese films and won the 13th and 14th China Film Hundred Flowers Award for best actress. She won the Golden Eagle Award and the 8th Fight Award. Her Golden Eagle was for her role in the TV adaptation of Mao Dun's The Dust Settles. This important role earned her the 2003 China TV Golden Eagle Award for "Favorite Actress" and "Most Popular Award". In 2009 Song Jia founded the Qingdao Song Jia International Institute of the Arts.

Lei Jia

Was born in Yiyang City, Hunan Province. She has been a soprano for the People's Liberation Army General Political Department folk chorus, a nationally recognized actor, and a member of the National Youth Committee of the Chinese Musicians Association. In recent years, Lei Jia has been active on the domestic and world stage. She has worked with the Central Propaganda Department, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She has worked on performances organized by SARFT that have represented the country in visits to more than foreign 20 countries. She is a commited proponent of the "Expectation Project" student movement, "Love Mother Earth", and other large public awareness events for the environment.

Teng Haibin

Born in Beijing in 1985, Teng Haibin is a world class gymnast. He began his training at the Beijing Shichahai Sports School. He joined the Beijing City Gymnastics Team in 1996 and the Chinese National Team in 1998. He won the men's pommel horse title at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and was the men's all-around champion at the 2009 National Games. His main achievements are:
2003 - World Championships
             Men's Team Pommel Horse - Champion
2004 - Athens Olympic Games
             Men's Pommel Horse - Gold Medal
2009 - 11th National Games All-around Champion

Gao Ling

Gao Ling was born in Wuhan and is former member of the Chinese national badminton team. As a doubles player, she has a list of outstanding achievements international competition including two Olympic mixed doubles championships. She is fierce player who loves to attack the net.

Qi Zhi

Qi Zhi is a National Class One Performer specializing in comedic dialogue and performances at the PLA Institute of Arts. Qi Zhi's work for the Folk Art and Creative Writing department included work with a Central Radio rap group, The Troupe Beijing, and the Navy Department Art Troupe. He joined the good will mission to Tangshan, Guangxi.


Was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. She is a member of the People's Liberation Army General Political Department Song and Dance Ensemble. In 1987, she was admitted to the Qing County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Baihua Yue Opera Troupe. She joined the Military Art Troupe of Zhejiang in 1991. She participated in top level Military Opera rehearsals in 1992. In 1992, Snow received the "Dragon Cup", the grand prize for the Youth Singing Contest in Zhejiang Province. In August 1995, Snow recorded the theme song for the Fourth World Conference on Women.