Future Generations China travels to Tibet to honor final wish of former Country Director, Su Chun-Wuei

 As the first director of Future Generations China, Ms. Su Chun-Wuei devoted herself to the work in Tibet.

The Green Long March Celebrates Earth Day

April 22, 2010 - Green Long March student volunteers visited three Project Hope schools in Beijing's Haidian District yesterday to conduct a series of environmental awareness activities with elementary students. Schools visited included Liu Lang Zhuang Elementary, Tongzhou Zifen Elementary, and Changping District's Dongfanghong Elementary.

Future Generations China and Goldman Sachs: Hand-in-Hand to Establish a Natural Carbon Sink

April 20th - Future Generations China organized a day of tree planting at Miyun Reservoir to welcome Earth Day. Future Generations staff, together with Goldman Sachs employee volunteers, and students from Beijing Forestry University planted a total of 150 Duzhong tree seedlings within a 1.5 mu area (0.1 hectares). Duzhong seedlings have a high ecological value and multiple medicinal properties, known mostly for improving liver function. Participants in yesterday's activity included Dr. Lei Guangchun, Country Director of Future Generations China and Mr. Zhang Xing, CEO of Gao Hua.

Launch of the 2010 Green Long March

The 2010 Green Long March was launched at Beijing Forestry University on Saturday, April 3rd. Numerous representatives from the environmental and education sectors were greeted by an array of colorful performances and enthusiastic student volunteers representing 80 universities from across the country. Included among the honored guests was Hui Hanlie, Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Relations at Suzlon Energy, two-year Gold Level Sponsor of the Green Long March.

2010 Green Long March National Training

National training for the fourth annual Green Long March took place Friday April 2nd through Sunday, April 4th. In just four years, more than 300 student volunteers have received training in environmental conservation and community project implementation skills.

This year's training consisted of lectures from Future Generations China and Beijing Forestry University professors. Topics covered sustainable development, low-carbon economy, and water resources.

Green Carnival

April 6th- Student representatives from more than 40 universities participated in green awareness events at the Beijing Olympic Stadium on Saturday, April 3rd. Activities began early in the morning and continued until late afternoon.