Ensuring a Prosperous Future——International Experts Gather in Beijing to Discuss Biodiversity Conservation in China

The United Nations has declared 2011 as the “Year of Forests.” At this year’s United Nations forum on forests, the theme was “Forests Benefiting People” and at the UN “Convention on Biodiversity,” the discussion focused specifically on biodiversity in forests. In conjunction with these international events, the First Annual China Forum for Nature opens on May 22 (International Biodiversity Day), and focuses on “Biodiversity and Forests”,

Experts from the Western China Ecological Preservation and Innovation Public Programs Bureau inspect the Pendeba program

On May 14, 2011, staff of the Future Generations China and the Pendeba Society went to Bayi Town in Nyingchi Prefecture, Tibet to meet with the experts and staff of the “Vale Award” Evaluation Team. The “Vale Award” is organized by the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s Center for Environmental Education and Communication (CEEC) and Vale Minerals China, jointly with Shanghai United Foundation (Lianquan).

FutureGenerations China and Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Join Forces for a Greener China

"The Chinese Merganser (Mergus squamatus) is a species of bird that is nationally protected and on the first-class endangered list. It is in the same class as other national treasures such as the Giant Panda, South China Tiger and Yunnan Snub-Nosed Monkey. We are about to see this endangered bird at the Miyun Reservoir," explained Dr. Jia Yifei from School of National Reserve of Beijing Forestry University on the bus trip to Miyun Resorvoir.

Pendeba Society Council Meets to Exchange Ideas

On April 15, 2011, the second council meeting of the QNNP Pendeba Society was held in the conference room of FutureGenerations China. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Lei Guangchun, Vice Chairman of the Board of the Pendeba Society.

4 Job Opportunities - Deadline: March 20, 2011

Future Generations is a worldwide alliance of organizations promoting community-led development work in Afghanistan, China, India and Peru.

Chicken Farm Cooperatives in Wolong Nature Reserve

“These are issues that everyone has to work together on, everyone has to consult with everyone. This isn’t for only me to say.” Song Hong Tai – Xicao Villager – Responding to a question about the prices for chickens raised in the community chicken farming cooperative.

FutureGenerations China deputy director, Cili Norbu, talking with local farmers

January 14, 2011

WCIF and FutureGenerations China invite you to participate in the "Youth in Development" international forum!

Do you want to go to Bulgaria this summer?
Do you want to collaborate on development issues with other young leaders from around the world?
Do you want to share your innovative ideas at the "Youth in Development" international forum?

Future Generations China was chosen as a partner of WCIF

Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation is happy to provide an opportunity for youth activists from Europe and Asia to unite in creating change in the areas identified by the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. We are organizing the “Youth in Development” forum in June 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Media focuse on CSR

Prior to the closing ceremony, the sponsors of the 2010 Green Long March participated in a brief press conference where they represented their respective companies and discussed the role of of environmental responsibility in international business.

Mr. PatrickYeung, General Manager of John Swire & Sons (China), spoke to the press about what certain Swire companies are doing to promote sustainable development.

Future Generations Board of Directors Discuss Future Strategies

The Future Generations China board of directors met in Beijing on September 12, 2010 to discuss future working strategies for the organization. Board members Dr. Daniel Taylor, Ms. Caroline Van, Dr. Ding Zongyi, Country Director Dr. Lei Guangchun, and the entire staff of Future Generations China attended the meeting. During the meeting, Future Generations China staff delivered a midyear work report on project progress, PR strategy, financial administration, fund-raising strategy, and the direction of the organization.