FutureGenerations China Co-hosts the 40th Anniversary Conference of the MAB Program and the 13th Conference for the China Biosphere Reserves Network (CBRN)

On September 8th 2011, the Conference for the 40th Anniversary of MAB Program and the 13th Conference for China Biosphere Reserves Network (CBRN) were held in Lhasa. FutureGenerations China co-hosted and participated in the three-day conference as an NGO delegate.

“Natural Resource Management and Rural Development Association of FutureGenerations China” has been Established and the First Stage of Taoyuan MEC Project has begun

The big discussion meeting for the Kindergarten and Community Centre in Honghe Village, Lingjintan Township – which is the first stage of the Taoyuan MEC project – was held in the meeting room of the Village Committee. Before this, the project was put out to tender. The discussion was organized on the basis of communication and negotiation between the Town Party Branch Committee, the government and the Village Committee. Most participants in the discussion came from Honghe Village committee.

Honghe Community Center Breaks Ground

Pendeba Team Prepares Livelihoods Development and Conservation Project

With a prize of 25,000 RMB from the Vale Award, the Pendeba Program is currently in the midst of determining how to make the best use of these project funds. The team has come up with several good ideas that can impose long-term positive impacts on local communities and promote environmental sustainability. 

FutureGenerations China Team Featured in Bulgarian Newspaper

"Ninety-five young people aged 18 to 26 gathered in Sofia on June 24 - 26 for the Youth in Development Forum which inspired new cross-country partnerships and friendships. The participants came from Bulgaria (51 participants), China (9 participants), Latvia (19 participants), Spain (10 participants), Thailand (3 participants) and Vietnam (3 participants).

Pendeba Program Wins Top Prize for Innovative Public Participation in Western China Ecological Conservation

June 29th 2011 - The Pendeba program took home the top prize worth 500,000 CNY at this year’s Vale Innovative Public Participation in Western China Ecological Conservation Competition, which took place at the National Convention Center. Tsering Norbu, a project coordinator with FutureGenerations China and the executive president of the Pendeba program accepted the award on behalf of the Pendeba program.

Youth in Development and FutureGenerations China

Eight students from eight different provinces across China journeyed as a team to attend the Youth in Development forum in Sofia, Bulgaria. Wu Malei (21), Zhang Lijun (21), Wang Zekai, Zhao Chucaixi, Nala Rongtai (21), Zhou Yuelin, Xu Xin, and Zhao Xiang (22) made up the team representing Future Generations China at this years forum.

[China Economic Herald]How was Deforestation reduced by 90% in Tibet

The first China Forum for Nature was held on May 22nd and 23rd in Beijing. Dr. Daniel Taylor, president of the global board of FutureGenerations, delivered an inspiring speech at the opening ceremony. He used metaphor to explain a profound idea: “China has advanced greatly through economic development. However, this is like hopping on one leg, which uses up a lot of energy. Much of China’s efforts at nature conservation in the past has also operated alone, which is like hopping on a person’s other, weaker leg where you easily fall over.

Experts from LAO NIU Foundation and ONE Foundation visit The Pendeba Society

On May 19th 2011, The Pendeba Society hosted a group of entrepreneurs led by Mr. Cili Norbu, deputy director of FutureGenerations and Ms Fang fang, board of directors of Pendeba Society at Pendeba Training Center. Mr. LEI Yongsheng, Secretary General of LAO NIU Foundation and Ms. Zhang Min, Supervisor of ONE Foundation also joined the group. the morning forum on May 19th was chaired by Mr. Cili Norbu.