FutureGenerations China Plans Honghe Breeding Park

On February 2nd 2012, amidst a spring drizzle, the meeting for the site survey and planning of the FutureGenerations Honghe Breeding Park was held in Wangjiaba in Honghe village. Organized by Futuregenerations Taoyuan MEC, the meeting gathered officials from the government of Lingjintan town, leaders of the Honghe village committee, the personnel of the Committee of FutureGenerations Honghe Breeding Cooperative Program, leaders and experts from Taoyuan Animal Husbandry Bureau and staff from Taoyuan Architectural Decoration and Design Company.

Job Opportunity: Project Coordinator, FutureGenerations/China - Beijing (Deadline 2012/3/31)

Future Generations is a worldwide alliance of organizations promoting community-led development work in Afghanistan, China, India and Peru.

The Assessment of Wolong Projects

In the afternoon on January 3rd 2012, GreenSOS held the final multilateral-involved assessment meeting of Xicao Village biodiversity protection and sustainable livelihood development project in Sanjiang Protection Station in Wolong, Sichuan Province.

A Sharing of the Mount Qomolangma Expedition Held in FutureGenerations Office

December 10th 2011—Nine members of China MAB Everest Natural and Cultural Scientific Expedition visited FutureGenerations China and shared their stories in the expedition of Mount Qomolangma (Everest).


FutureGenerations China Attends Report on National Nature and Biodiversity Preservation

In the afternoon on December 15th 2011, Dr. Lei Guangchun, the director of FutureGenerations China, and Mr. Tsering Norbu, the vice-director, attended a lecture on Nature Preservation at Beijing University of Forestry. Mr.

2011 FutureGenerations Board of Directors Meeting Held

On December 14th 2011, the FutureGenerations Board of Directors teleconference was held in the Beijing office. People present at the conference included Daniel, Caroline, Dr. Zhang Hesong, Ms. Rong Hailan, Executive Director Lei Guangchun, Deputy Director Tsering Norbu, Ms. Fan Xianying, Ms. Yu Huiling and Ms Zeng Qing. Mr. Lei presented the 2011 annual work report, the financial report and the working plan for 2012 to the Board of Directors. During the conference the Board also discussed significant issues such as nature preservation and community development.

The Pendeba Program Wins Top Prize of Ford Green Awards 2011

In the ceremony of Ford Green Awards 2011 held in Beijing on December 2nd, The Pendeba Program was awarded the top prize of Nature Conservation Pioneer Award for its Nature Conservation and Community Development Project and 200,000 yuan as the project fund. Mr. Tsering Norbu, Director of The Pendeba Society accepted the award on behalf of this project. Mr.

Project Coordinator, FutureGenerations China (Beijing)

Future Generations is a worldwide alliance of organizations promoting community-led development work in Afghanistan, China, India and Peru.

Gen Fellowship Finalists Announced

The Gen Fellowship program encourages young people to take part in community-led development. The innovative projects sponsored by the program will embody FutureGenerations China’s mission of teaching and enabling a process for equitable community change that integrates environmental conservation with development. Each Fellowship will seek viable solutions for regional environmental issues and help spread sustainable development to more regions.

Gen Fellowship Accepting Applications