Warm Quilts for Yunnan Earthquake Disaster Area

At 11:19 a.m. September 7th 2012, an earthquake, with a magnitude of 5.7, struck on the border between Yiliang County, Shaotong City, Yunnan Province and Weining Autonomous County of Yi, Hui and Miao nationalities, Bijie District, Guizhou Province.  At 12:16 a.m., another earthquake, in magnitude 5.6, occurred in Yiliang County. By 2:00 p.m. Sep. 8th, 2012, about 744,000 people, 183,000 families were affected and the direct economic losses are estimated at 3.704 billion yuan.

As an organization of public welfare, Future Generations China took action immediately. After collection in many ways, Miss. Lin Zhenfang, the Board Member of Future Generations and the Vice President of Beijing Fujian Enterprises General Chamber of Commerce, Doctor. Zhang Songhe, the Board Member of Future Generations, Miss. Wang Yingqian, Senior Inspector General of Galaxy AMC, Doctor. Chen Hongliang, Chinese-American and others made donations to the disaster area.

On Sep.30th, the Executive Director, Cili Norbu, carried these donations and flied to Kunming, where he and the civil staff of Shaoyang District, Shaotong City together, bought 1,300 quilts in urgent need in the disaster area. At the moment, goods provided by Future Generations China for people in the disaster area have already arrived.

Nearly 200,000 yuan donations were raised this time by Future Generations China. When one place is in difficulty, help comes from all sides, and benevolence crosses national boundaries. We sincerely hope that people in the disaster areas can rebuild their homeland under the help of the local government.