Vantone Pro Bono for Future Generations China

Recently, Pro Bono raised by Beijing HUIZEREN Consulting Service Center has been established in Future Generations China. The wave of Pro Bono has been prevailing in western countries, which provides volunteer services with technology and experience and greatly pushes forward social creativity and the construction of social capital. This activity was the service provision of marketing by 10 Vantone Real Estate volunteers. They brought business experience into NGO's as assistance that could be regarded as a successful trial.


The capacities of Vantone Real Estate volunteers were amazing. During November 14 to 16, on the two-day 2012 Vantone Real Estate Brand Marketing Training Camp, 10 Vantone volunteers expanded their team to 30 people. In the following two days of training, these volunteers who work daily on the front-line of marketing, supported a new media marketing strategy for the “Hunan Taoyuan Ecological Demonstration Community Left- behind Women Patchwork Handicrafts” project of Future Generations China, which helped to explore the co-operation pattern between NGOs and social enterprises.


In the evening of November 14, participants from both sides arrived at the venue on schedule. The organizer, Vantone Real Estate, created a timetable and the task deployment for the training camp. Participants were divided into four groups and each group made their own marketing plans that were evaluated after the training. Later in the team-construction, mutual interaction went smoothly with pleasant atmosphere. Public Relations Manager Mrs. Yu Huiling, who appeared as the final speaker, explicitly introduced history, background, aims and areas of concern of Future Generations China as well as the current situation, main products and demands of “Hunan Taoyuan Ecological Demonstration Community Left-behind Women Patchwork Handicrafts” project, and demonstrated patchwork handicrafts such as delicate purses, handbags, hydrangeas, dolls, and so on. The conference that evening successfully came to the end after Mrs. Yu answered any doubts the participants may have. 

 Pro Bono volunteers were discussing product-marketing plansPro Bono volunteers were discussing product-marketing plans

On the 15th, after the all-day training course of new media marketing, each group summarized strategic key points combined with knowledge acquired in daytime and designed marketing plans for the real case-“Hunan Taoyuan Ecological Demonstration Community Left- behind Women Patchwork Handicrafts” project. From the perspectives of enforceability and operability, they had a warm discussion about audacious creativity and resolution. Finally, the marketing plan of each team was improvably revised and made into power point slides for the coming challenging evaluation.

The fruit of Two-day training coming out, volunteers worn pleasant smiles.The fruit of Two-day training coming out, volunteers worn pleasant smiles. 

At 3 p.m. on the 16th, following the last class of marketing training, and the main event of this training camp- the contest of new media marketing plan demonstration for “Hunan Taoyuan Ecological Demonstration Community Left- behind Women Patchwork Handicrafts”, commenced. Each group stepped up in turn and explained their plan in detail and answered questions. In the end, the instructor of the training camp, Mr. Tian Tongsheng, Director of HUIZEREN Consulting service project center, Mr. Zhu Pengcheng, Mr. Yang Yiqing, assistant president, senior economist of Vantone Real Estate Company Ltd., General Manager of the Construction Division, Mr. Liu Li and General Manager of the Human Resource Division, Mrs. Song Yinghuan together, as the panel judges, estimated the marketing plans and separately selected the groups for first, second and third place, distributing honorable prizes.

Judges were marking for each marketing plan.Judges were marking for each marketing plan.

Mr. Yang Yiqing gave a commentary speech. He pointed out the operability, creativity, comprehension and cost-effectiveness as fortes of each plan, and their distinctive merits. However, the emphasis of contest was the participation, and not the ranking or reputation. Do not be dizzy with success, nor be discouraged by failure. He hoped each participant could work better and more effectively and made the plan for implementation. Mr. Zhu Pengcheng, on behalf of HUZEREN pointed out in his speech that this training camp, as a jointed co-operation between NGO and enterprise, to some extent, conferred the significance of inspiration and new glory to the co-development of NGOs and enterprise public services. He expressed the wish that everyone can strive to spread the charitable spirit.