Tsinghua Plants Life Blitz Competition Strikes

On May 20th, the Plants Life Blitz Competition was launched at Tsinghua University. As part of the Lively Campus Project supported by the Gen Fellowship of Future Generations China, the competition aims to raise students’ awareness of the biodiversity on campus.

In the comfortable afternoon weather, six teams gathered in the Green Garden of Tsinghua University for the Blitz, including the representatives of Beijing Forestry University, the Bio Team of Beijing Forestry University, the Call Farmer of China Agricultural University, the Green Pulse Team, the Green Beagle New Shoots Team and the Green Beagle Knowledge Team. Feeling excited, the contestants arrived early, all equipped with cameras and reference books. After the director of the event, Mrs. Ning Zuomei, announced the rules, the competition formally began at 14:30.


The contestants recorded all together around 210 kinds of plants in the Green Garden, including 110 kinds of trees and other vegetations that are easily neglected in daily life. They found these plants higher up, at their feet, among the flowering shrubs and besides the rocks and immediately recalled their family, genus and species. Some teams were so strong as to record species in the Jin Chun Garden within the given one hour and a half. During the competition, all contestants adhered to the rules by being careful not to harm the plants when observing them. At 16.00, the six teams arrived on time at the assembly place, with fruitful records on their notes. In the end, the Bio Team of Beijing Forestry University won the Plants Master Award with the records of 172 kinds of plants. the Green Beagle New Shoots Team and Knowledge Team won the Hunter Prize and the Prophet Prize respectively. All the teams gained much from the competition. The sponsor also presented the three winning teams with books, postcards and notebooks to encourage them to care and love the nature around them.