Green Carnival

April 6th- Student representatives from more than 40 universities participated in green awareness events at the Beijing Olympic Stadium on Saturday, April 3rd. Activities began early in the morning and continued until late afternoon.

Positioned between the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest, students attracted a large crowd. Despite the large wind, curious spectators made their way over to the line of stands and poster boards where they engaged in one-on-one discussions with Green Long March volunteers. Volunteers engaged passers-by in interactive games and quizzes, and awarded prizes to them for their participation. A banner with, "Low Carbon Economy and Me" written in large green characters across the front was located further down the square where passers-by were invited to sign their names in support of environmental initiatives.

Informational posters covered topics ranging from the dangers of electronic waste, to endangered species and the habits that ordinary citizens can adopt to live greener, more sustainable lives.