FutureGenerations China was Invited to Attend the 4th International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change

On the 6th July, Ms Yu Huiling from Future Generations China was invited to attend the 4th International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change (IYSECC). The summit was held in Zhongyi Energy Saving Building of Tsinghua University. With "Community environmental education" as the branch forum, Ms Yu Huiling exhibited the environmental protection work, the Pendeba environmental protection and community development work as well as youth development work of Future Generations China through PPT introduction, documentary play and inter-communication. As for how to involve the youth in Chinese environmental protection and community development, Ms Yu shared Future Generations China's experience; the Green Long March, which is the largest youth environmental protection activity. She also encouraged the youth to improve their problem solving ability through participating in the Gen Fellowship and make their voice heard by the China Forum for Nature. The Earth Village, Daohe Environmental and development research centre and other institutions were also invited. The youth students from Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University, Central China Agricultural University also took part in the discussion and put forward constructive comments.


The International Youth Summit on Energy and Climate Change was started in 2009 by Tsinghua University Students Green Association, Clean Development Mechanism Club, China Youth Climate Action Network and more than 50 top universities both in China and abroad. The summit has been successfully held for three times and the initiative is the most professional international youth summit in the Chinese energy and climate change field. The summit has attracted commercial, governmental and NGO representatives who have made remarkable accomplishments in energy and climate change fields from more than ten countries and regions, including the US, Japan, England, India and China, and more than 150 youth representatives. The summit lasted for three days, during which the youth representative can get involved in the branch forums, such as "modern times background of low carbon community", "the multilateral involvement in the community" and "the environmental education in the community". As the largest environmental protection gathering after the Rio Earth Summit, this summit added some entertainment activities such as community visit, green supermarket and experimental group design in addition to the youth communication and dialogue in the third summit.