FutureGenerations China Attends International Symposium on Comprehensive Wetland Management in Ningxia Province

On the 27th, director of Future Generations China, Mr. Lei Guangchun, deputy director, Mr. Cili Norbu, and program assistant, Miss Zeng Qing, attended the International Symposium on Comprehensive Wetland Management held at Sha River, Yinchuan in Ningxia Province. Among those present at the symposium were the representative of the Bank of Asia, government officials of Ningxia Autonomous Region, officials of the Wetland Preservation and Management Center of National Forestry Bureau, chair of British Joint Nature Conservation Committee, senior researcher of Australian Department of the Environment and Heritage and representatives from universities and research institutes from home and abroad.

The experts gave enlightening reports on comprehensive management of ecosystems in wetland areas, the restoration of wetlands and theories and practices of protection of diversity. Through heated discussions about major issues, participants reached consensus on comprehensive wetland management.