Future Generations China at Vantone Christmas Party

On the 22nd of December 2012, the director of Future Generations China, Mr. Norbu and other staff members were invited to participate in the “Vantone Center& Returnee Association Christmas Party”, held in Hangzhou Experience Center. Approximately 150 young returnees and business elites went to the Christmas party.

As the only NGO at the party, Future Generations China played a well-elaborated Promotional Video for the participants. The film started with the powerful pulse of nature and demonstrated the natural and marvelous spectacles as well as intelligent animals, Mount Everest, Sahara desert, Zhangjiajie Nature Reserve, Arctic glaciers, polar bears and red-crowned cranes, etc., sigh with the rich imagination of the Creator. However, such a splendid planet has been suffering from unprecedented traumas in recent decades. The film quickly showed a variety of human beings’ destructive activities such as wars, city constructions, animal hunting, and forest conflagration, based on which natural disasters occur frequently and animals are becoming extinct. The pulse of nature is becoming fainter and fainter. Watching the pictures of lovely and live animals’, which have left us forever, as there was no place in the world for their existence. We cannot help but shed our tears. For recovering the pulse of the nature, the film aimed to appeal for participation in the nature protection undertaken by Future Generations China.    

After the film, Director Norbu introduced, from a world nature protection perspective, the current situation of nature protection worldwide, as well as the problems faced and efforts made by Future Generations China, being one of few organisations that are concerned about the development of nature reserve communities in China. Director Norbu said: “Inside and around the reserve areas are at least 10 million people in poverty, whose average income is lower than that of the national average level. They have insufficient food, sanitation and access to health services. The proportion of people who are impoverished and re-impoverished by hospitalization is extremely high. There is little education for local villagers and their lack of effective skills reduces their means to generate income.” 

These problems are the key issues that China’s nature conservation is faced with. He called on more people to go in to help with nature conversation. On site, Future Generations China designed three patterns for returnees to practice in nature conservation. One is to become “Love Ambassador” of Future Generations China, who will support the “Children Ambassador” with one thousand yuan in neighboring communities of the nature reserves every year. Future Generations China will collect funding from thousands of “Love Ambassadors” to help in improving environments, sanitation, education and other aspects of villages of the “Child Ambassadors”. The second pattern is to participate in “Genie Community Tour” in May 2013 in order to understand the current situation of Tibetans in Sichuan, there by better protecting the natural resources and promoting economy. The third pattern is to establish a group of women to make hand-crafts in poor communities around nature reserves. At present, they have already made 150 handicraft wallets and accepted reservation.

After Director Norbu finished his speech, many returnees expressed their wishes to nature and the women in poor mountainous areas. Mrs. Xiao of Vantone Hangzhou said: “Everyone has a hometown deep in their heart, where there is fresh air, clear rivers and happy animals who live in a harmonious co-existence between human and nature. That’s what we should protect and cherish. Thanks to Future Generations China who has given us the chance to protect our hometowns and make our off-spring see the beautiful and natural villages instead of only feeling self-pity in cities. ” Vantone Hanzhou Sub Company and China Youth Returnee Association-Hangzhou branch collectively brought 60 hand-made wallets, presenting their love for women in the mountainous areas. 

Everyone has love buried deep in their heart, love for families, love for friends and love for the nature. However, living in cities far away from nature, facing reinforced concrete mansions every day, our love for nature is gradually hidden in our heart, without expression and communication. If Future Generations China’s tour to Hanzhou could bring out the love for nature people have, it will be a success. In the morning after the party, staff of Future Generations China received text messages from returnees in Hanzhou. They were feeling gratified and we hope more and more people would show their concern about nature sources, consecration and village development in.