Future Generations China and Goldman Sachs: Hand-in-Hand to Establish a Natural Carbon Sink

April 20th - Future Generations China organized a day of tree planting at Miyun Reservoir to welcome Earth Day. Future Generations staff, together with Goldman Sachs employee volunteers, and students from Beijing Forestry University planted a total of 150 Duzhong tree seedlings within a 1.5 mu area (0.1 hectares). Duzhong seedlings have a high ecological value and multiple medicinal properties, known mostly for improving liver function. Participants in yesterday's activity included Dr. Lei Guangchun, Country Director of Future Generations China and Mr. Zhang Xing, CEO of Gao Hua.

Volunteers divided into groups of two and spent the afternoon planting their seedlings, measuring the base and breast height diameter of each, and watering. Future Generations China staff received lots of feedback from participants. Many voiced their hope for similar events in the future. Mr. Zhang Xing expressed his appreciation and said he will do even more to protect the environment in the future. Following the day's activities, Dr. Lei said, "Miyun Reservoir is Beijing's most important water source. Planting trees along the bank of the reservoir improves the area's ecological environment. The trees also serve as a natural barrier against the wind and can limit the amount of air particulates that pollute the water source. We hope that more corporations and individuals become involved in tree planting in the future."

According to calculations, one hectare of broadleaf tree coverage can absorb up to one ton of carbon dioxide and produce 0.78 tons of oxygen, enough for about 1,000 people to breathe for one day. Duzhong is a type of broadleaf. Yesterday's group planted a total area of 1.5 mu, the equivalent of 0.1 hectares, enough for about 100 people to breathe for one day. The seedlings for the activity came from a family living in a small mountain village in the outer suburbs of Beijing. After learning about the family's needs, Future Generations China made a special trip to their home to purchase the them.

Goldman Sachs Gao Hua is the Founding Partner of the Green Long March. Future Generations China thanks Goldman Sachs for their support and enthusiastic participation in this year's tree planting activities. We look forward to an ongoing partnership.