Future Generations Charity Field Trips Sharing Session Held in the Beijing Office

In the afternoon of September 16, more than 20 people, including participants of the Yunnan Meili Snow Mountain field trip, Yunnan eco-tourism Field Mission, other former Future Generations China field trips as well as friends interested in environmental protection gathered in the Future Generations China Office to share experience of the trips and the ideas of Future Generations China on charity. One of the members of the delegation funder of Taoyuan pilot eco-community and the Green Long March Project, the famous Chinese philanthropist Dr. Zhang Songhe attended the sharing session.

During the session, Director Cili Norbu first introduced the work of Future Generations China and the achievements of the Yunnan Field Trip. He said, “Up to now Future Generations China has already organized field trips to many nature reserves including Qomolangma National Nature Reserve, the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon National Nature Reserve, the Fanjing Mountain national Nature Reserve, the Pudacuo National Park, Baimang Snow Mountain National Nature Reserve, Meili Snow Mountain National Park, Wolong National Nature Reserve and Haizishan Nature Reserve. China has over 2500 national reserves, the area of which accounts for more than 15% of the land area. The reserves are rich in biodiversity and the number of residents in the reserves amount to 180 million, of which 10 million people live below the poverty line. So there is much work left to do for Future Generations China, and we need more people to support our work and respond to the needs of society and environment.”

Then Ms. Tang Jie from Saidi Group looked back on the Meili Snow Mountain Trip and shared her feelings while Ms.Fan Xianying shared her trip of Yunnan Eco-Tourism. The sharing went on with heated discussions. According to Mrs. Hu Yun who was also present at the sharing, "Ordinary people too can really do something to make a difference in the world. Being part of such activities has offered me good insights into my own work and life. "Ms. Tang Jie said," I have many friends who want to do some voluntary work without knowing where to start. When I share my experience with them, they are willing to devote their time too for such activities. "

The sharing session ended in a cheery mood. The guests present all expressed their willingness to be good supporters of Future Generations China and make their own contribution to volunteering. Just as what Ms. Ding Hongbing of Pendeba Society said, “Philanthropism comes from the most shining part of humanity. It is a lifestyle, and I am willing to share it with more people”.