Delegates of Beijing “Xiangxi Charity Tour” Visited Taoyuan MEC Program Site in Hunan Province to Exchange Ideas at the Meeting

On March 31st 2012, accompanied by Deputy Country Director Mr. Cili Norbu and Council Member Ms. Fang Fang of FutureGenerations China, the delegates of Beijing “Xiangxi Charity Tour” visited a site of Taoyuan MEC in Hunan province for a two-day meeting on the MEC project.

The meeting was held in Honghe Community Center, and those who were present included: Supervisor of One Foundation Ms. Zhang Min, Taiwan’s Renowned Psychologist Mr. Lai Qifeng, representatives of 18 domestic enterprises engaged in charity including Ms. Xu Qiang of Mengniu Foundation, leaders from Taoyuan Bureau of Forestry, county-level Manager of Taoyuan MEC and Leader of Lingjintan County Mr. Huang Chunsheng, members on the Honghe Village Committee , some villagers and the media from local TV stations.

With Mr. Cili Norbu as the chair, the meeting began with the general introduction by directors of Lingjintan County and Honghe Village. Manager of Taoyuan MEC Mr. Wen Yongshun presented with powerpoint slides the project of Taoyuan MEC and Ruanshui Wetland Park while Dr. Zeng Qing from Beijing Forestry University introduced Chinese Merganser and shared new findings in scientific researches. The meeting proceeded in a lively atmosphere, where Dr. Lai and Ms. Zhang Min both showed great interest in the MEC project, Ruanshui Wetland Park, development of eco-tourism and the study of Chinese Mergansers. They gave pertinent advice on how to highlight the special characteristics when designing local eco-tourism, how to deal with environmental problems incurred by the rapid development of the breeding industry and how to further develop the livelihood of Honghe community.

Last by not least, the manager of Taoyuan MEC sincerely said: “Taoyuan MEC is a new program. We thank you all who are present today for your support and care, and we wish to gain more support from you all.”