Concerns About the Happy Life of the Elderly and to Enrich the Culture of the Women Left Behind——The Elderly in Honghe Community Enjoy a Huge Variety of Magnificent Activities


These days, every Thursday you can witness lively gatherings where you can hear songs, instruments and laughter in the Honghe community centre in Taoyuan MEC. For each activity, the elderly that are left behind in the village will come here spontaneously. They sing songs, dance, play chess and talk, thus showing their artistic talents while enjoying the happy life. This is a new method of Future Generation China Taoyuan MEC project concerned with the rural areas and the care for the elderly left behind to enriching the community culture.

Honghe Village is a typical village with a large number of left-behind people, especially the elderly. In order to enrich community culture activities, promote the harmony of the community and involve the people's wisdom into the village construction and nature protection, the staff from Future Generation China Taoyuan MEC project founded the Honghe Community Activity Centre for the Seniors. This project was officially launched in June, 2012 and has been carried out 8 times. The activities have attracted a great many senior men and women. The participants have increased from a dozen to forty-five and the contents have increasingly been enriched and improved. In the process, the seniors made up a song Honghe Community is Great based on Socialism is Great in order to express their biggest wish for a harmonious community through songs. The song was warmly welcomed by the local people. The elderly start with dancing, mainly square dance, and then singing was added. By singing the positive songs, such as Honghe Community is Great and Mutual Collaboration Song, they create an active atmosphere through solo, chorus and group singing. In these activities, some seniors were willing to share their experiences as well as the way of living and their hope for the community with the other participants. Therefore, this created the need for talking in these activities, which was added by the staff.

Before each activity, the centre would have an analysis of the demands of the participants, and after each activity, the centre would organize the participants to give feedback and summary of the activity. The types of activities vary from singing and dancing to begin with to group singing, group dancing, traditional art group, chess and group card games that are voluntarily organized by the people. The participants can choose the activity content based on their habits and preferences. Such activities can mobilize their initiation and ownership, and show their wisdom and artistry at the same time.

The activities have evoked great responses in the people and also received high praise and recognition from the Honghe Village Commission.