The Green Long March over the past four years has been active in 32 provinces, with more than 5,000 university student volunteers and over 80 partner universities.  They have addressed a wide spectrum of environmental problem including water pollution, wetland destruction, forest protection, climate change, grassland degradation, white pollution and more.  They have promoted green agriculture, clean energy transitions, marine ecosystem preservation, water quality monitoring, wetlands research, snow disaster relief efforts, earthquake victims psychological assistance programs, ecological education programs, primary and secondary supplementary education, Green Trains, green consulting, and many other projects for the benefit of communities around China.  The GLM is a platform for student environmental groups from more than 80 chinese universities to have a voice, be heard, and affect change at the community level. Working in partnership with government, universities, communities, media, students and corporations, the GLM is an enduring vehicle for environmental change in China.

The Green Long March 2009

From developing electric cars to harnessing the wind, China is fast becoming a key player in energy innovation. In 2009, the Green Long March seeks to lead positive action around how we produce, use and conserve energy.  The 2009 March will feature educational campaigns that promote creative energy solutions in homes, schools, and businesses across China.  Additionally, sponsor-funded “Green Seed” small grants will be awarded to outstanding youth-led community projects.  Read more >>

The Green Long March 2008

The Green Long March is China’s largest youth conservation movement, developed and organised by Future Generations China in partnership with educational institutions, government agencies, and corporate sponsors. In 2008, we seek to transform nation-wide conservation awareness into long-term practical solutions through scaling-up the annual march, and introducing two new long-term initiatives: the Model Eco-Communities and China Conservation Scholars programs.  Read more >>

The Green Long March 2007

The Green Long March was initiated in 2007 with the purpose of providing youth a way to participate in creating a sustainable future for China. In 2007, the Green Long March engaged thousands of students from 43 Chinese universities on a march spanning 22 provinces and 10 eco-zones across China. Youth directly impacted an estimated 250,000 people; extensive local and national media coverage brought the Green Long March to an additional 9.75 million people. The Green Long March is the largest youth conservation movement in China.

Major activities included: Conservation Education; a National Survey of Community-level Conservation Successes; Scientific Reports from 26 National Nature Preserves; and the Promotion of the Beijing Green Olympics.  Read more >>