Model Eco- Communities


A core objective of Future Generations China is to bring sustainable development to rural communities throughout China, particularly those situated in and around sensitive ecologies and designated nature preserves. The residents of these communities have traditionally borne the dual burdens of economic viability and environmental preservation without the requisite knowledge or tools. The Model Eco-Community (MEC) Project brings sustainable development to them.

Taoyuan MEC

The Taoyuan MEC will develop a model eco-community around the Yuan River and surrounding wetland area. We will promote the conservation protection and organize, train and support the local community to adopt effective and sustainable means of maintaining their livelihoods.  >>Read more

Wolong Livelihoods Development

The goal of this program is a win-win scenario where the livelihoods of local residents are continually improved through responsible maintenance of regional biodiversity and ecosystem services.  >>Read more