Interns & Volunteers

Gong Jingtian (Hermione)

I am a third-year English major from Tsinghua University. I love learning foreign languages, reading, playing the piano, going to different places & meeting new friends. I am proud to be a volunteer for Future Generations, whose Pandeba program is so inspiring! I hope to work for an NGO in the future to help solve social problems in China and the world. Life is so short! Stop wasting time complaining about the things you hate. Life is so long! Start wasting time doing the things you love.

Liu Yan

I am an International Development major from China Agriculture University. I have double characters and I am fond of the nature, reading, English, sports and especially development. Since I cherish deep love for the country land as a girl country born and country bred, I am always willing to try something related with the country. Thank Future Generation China for this chance as volunteer, which allows me to come back to the country and put what I have learnt into practice. It is most difficult to incorporate myself into the country reality and sometimes there may be many misunderstandings and conflicts. It takes a lot of thinking to solve and change the issue. I firmly believe that I can grow up after all the sufferings. As long as I stand on the solid ground, I can have my own harvest.

Liu Lu

I am a rural regional development (international direction) major from China Agriculture University. I love to breathe freely in the nature. As a volunteer from Future Generation China, It is a great honor for me to join in the Taoyuan Project. I can experience by myself that Future Generation China truly promotes the idea of China's natural protection and rural community development and feel the simplicity and passion of the villagers. Surrounded by the beautiful environment, I harvest the happiness of growing up. I wish to contribute to the long freshness and beauty for the nature.

Katrine Knudsen

I am currently studying MA Globalisation and Development at Queen Mary University of London. During my studies in London, we focused a lot on China’s development and this fuelled my desire to travel to China even further. As I want to do development work after my degree, I decided to do an internship with Future Generations China in order to better understand the development China is experiencing. Future Generations China is unique in that it combines environmental protection with development. Their work is truly inspiring and I am honoured to have the opportunity to do an internship with them. As a Norwegian, I know the true value and importance of an incredible, biodiverse nature and it gives me great pleasure to be able to help preserve China’s incredible environment and to help with the development of rural China.


Zhou Liping


My name is Zhou Liping , and I am a  junior student  from the School of Environmental Sciences, Renmin University of China. I like reading, traveling  and breathing in nature. I am very pleased to have this internship opportunity at Future Generations China. At Future Generations China I see the broader, colorful world, learn about projects committed to promoting Chinese nature conservation and sustainable development of the rural community, such as the incredible Pendeba program and truly combine both the knowledge and practice. I have made many friends who have similar interests .The more I experience, the more I harvested. In the future, I wish to keep a young vibrant heart and commit to alleviate China's environmental problems.  I am also convinced that there will be more young people engaged in this field, whose enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility for environmental protection, which will eventually provide a better future for us. 


Annemarie WilderAnnemarie Wilder


Annemarie Wilder


I have just completed my BA in Political Science and Sociology at the University of Canterbury and Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. In New Zealand I grew up on my family’s farm where we raised bobby calves and partook in equestrian activities. It was during my childhood that my love affair for nature, animals and the need to protect the environment developed. During my studies I focused on social issues, such as poverty, and the causes of such issasdfues. This led me to gain interest in China and the differences between my home country and China. Through my internship I hope to gain a greater understanding of the developmental and conservational needs of China so that I can use my personal experiences of growing up in New Zealand to help the conservational development in China. I also hope to take my experiences of living in China back to New Zealand with me so that I can use them in my work at the Ministry of Social Development, helping to develop New Zealand’s society and reduce its social issues. I am very thankful for the opportunity I have to work at Future Generations China, as I believe the work that they do is extremely important and I am privileged to be a part of it.